10 photos of Marifer of Cracks to understand why we love her

She who is the host of the youtube channel “Cracks” has quickly become one of the most admired women in the country and here are 10 Photos of Marifer of Cracks that explain why she is one of the most beautiful in Mexico.

Photos of Marifer of Cracks

Here we show you:

10. PSG

In UachateC we are faithful admirers of Messi and that is why we like this photo so much where Marifer wears the colors of the PSG team.

Photos of Marifer de Cracks
Photos of Marifer of Cracks

9. Look

She has a beautiful look that enchants everyone who sees her.

8. Influencer

She has more than 600,000 followers on Instagram that credit her as a person with a lot of influence on young people.

7. Mexican

The colors of her country’s team suit her wonderfully.

Photos of Marifer of Cracks

6. Professionalism

Almost every day she shows us how hard-working she is when she informs us of all the latest football news through Youtube.

5. Casual

Navy blue is her favorite color and she loves this casual outfit. Or that is what she herself says on her social networks.

4. Leslie

Along with Leslie from the same channel, they enlighten us every afternoon with sports news.

3. Elegant

As expected, she also looks beautiful in her elegant outfit and here we have proof of it.

2. Sports

This photograph demonstrates her spectacular figure and also serves as proof that she steals all eyes in the gym.

1. Bikini

She looks spectacular on the beach and if you don’t believe us, just take a look at the following photograph.

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