10 photos of Bogdana Kadritskaya for you to meet this beautiful Russian influencer

Bogdana Kadritskaya appears on our list of the most beautiful in Russia, but if you didn’t know her and want to know more about her, here we show you these 10 photos of Bogdana Kadritskaya so you can get to know this beautiful Russian influencer.

Photos of Bogdana Kadritskaya

Get ready because we start with the photographs.

10. Instagram

She has more than 180,000 followers on Instagram, which is few for what her beauty deserves, so you should follow her.

9. Hair

She has beautiful long hair that is the envy of all the women who have seen it.

Photos of Bogdana Kadritskaya
Photos of Bogdana Kadritskaya

8. Smile

She has an impressive smile that will never leave your head.

Photos of Bogdana Kadritskaya

7. Watching the horizon

The innocence with which it is shown in this classic photo of take it like I don’t realize it is spectacular.

6. Jeans

A simple look with jeans looks spectacular and if you don’t believe us here is the photograph as proof.

5. Winter

The harsh Russian winters are no reason for her not to look gorgeous and here’s the proof.

4. Nose

Normally we do not usually highlight the nose in the posts we make on our site, however, how exquisite hers is is more than worth mentioning.

3. Dress

As was logical to think, she looks beautiful and elegant in a dress and this photograph proves it.

2. Stockings

Her photos in stockings give her an incredible look that shows that she is one of the most beautiful women in the world.

1. Eyes

If you tell us that those little green eyes are not the prettiest you’ve ever seen in your life, we wouldn’t believe you.

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