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The 25 most beautiful women of Buenos Aires

16. Mars Alecci

She is a TikTok star known for posting sketches and comedic characters.

17. Lola Moran

Lola Morán began her career in the world of acting after receiving training at Cris Morena’s school and participated in the series 100 Days to Fall in Love, where she played a role that involved a complicated love relationship. Subsequently, he worked on the production Mi hermano es un clon, together with Nicolás Cabré.

18. Julia Urbini

Julia Urbini is an Argentine-Mexican actress.

Born: May 29, 1996, Buenos Aires, Argentina

19. Sol Rodriguez

María Soledad Rodríguez Belli, known by her stage name Sol Rodríguez, is an Argentine actress. She became known for playing the character of Mecha Estevez on the Nickelodeon series Grachi. She has released several songs with Grachi’s soundtrack accompanied by the other cast members.

Born: April 17, 1990, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Height: 1.57 m

20. Mariana Taurozzi

Verified TikTok content creator and social media personality who rose to fame by sharing a variety of dance, lip-sync, and comedy videos on her taurozzi account. He has over 4.8 million followers on the platform.

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