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The 25 most beautiful women born in the year 1999

16. Charly Jordan

Independent model and social media sensation who has worked for brands like Pura Vida, Forever 21, and Revolve. Her eponymous Instagram account has more than 2.5 million followers.

Most beautiful women born in the year 1999

17. Daniela Alfaro

Beauty vlogger whose self-titled YouTube channel has earned more than 3.4 million subscribers with a collection of makeup tutorials, vlogs, and the occasional challenge or tag video. She was part of the Badabun team until 2019.

18. Marina Yers

Marina Yers is one of the internet personalities that has made the most noise in recent years for her scandalous opinions during the pandemic, against water and masks.

Most beautiful women born in the year 1999

19. Abril Cols

Abril Cols is one of the most media faces on TikTok and, after collaborating with Mtmad, she has become one of the influencers whose personal life is of most interest to the general public. The Catalan was born on October 11, 1999 and she spent her adolescence near Barcelona.

20. Leidys Sotolongo De La Paz

Social media personality and YouTuber known primarily for her short comedic videos, as well as POV videos posted to her leidys_sotolongo TikTok account. She has amassed more than 15 million followers and 360 million likes on her TikTok profile. She makes lipsync videos and often shows off her family.

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